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Benefits of HIT 100s Training

If you want to get a serious pump in a short period of time, this is a great way to add high volume into your workout.

Take a compound exercise, add weight to about 50% of your 10RM and we are going to aim for 100 reps straight off (you will not manage this).

1 rep = 1 second rest. For example, you get to 40 reps, you have 60 reps left so you rest for 60 seconds. Keep going until you get to 100. Once you get to 100, add weight to get to your 10RM and go for 3 sets to failure. Once complete, perform 2-3 isolation exercises between 12-15 reps of the same muscle group.


  • Stimulate new growth in your body
  • Improves capillarisation within the muscle
  • Plateau buster
  • Promote mental toughness
  • Provides a monster pump (for 20 mins)
  • Good for motivation
  • Increases the glycogen reserves within your target muscle
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