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How to stay on track over Christmas

T’is the season to be jolly!

When in the festive season, our daily routines go out the window. With much of our time made up of work parties, shopping, social events, and school nativities; one day rolls into another and before we know it, we attend the gym less and start to indulge more.

Christmas is ALL about celebrating with friends and family through a united joy for devouring delish food and festive drinks – it’s time to cut yourself a break, relax and indulge guilt-free.

What we all must realise is that indulging does not have to equate to no exercise – it does not need to grind to a halt. You don’t have to let one party evening wipe out the next day or a whole week that leads into a month.

The secret to allowing yourself to enjoy Christmas festivities whilst remaining on track is by setting yourself fewer expectations.

Planning is key; if you cannot make the gym, why not set out on a walk or light run? This is a great way to reap the benefits of the fresh winter air and if you have family, encourage those around you to join in too – you can socialise and spend quality time whilst simultaneously improving your health.

Being outdoors creates the most amazing space to walk and talk whilst still being active, benefitting your mental and physical health as a result.

On days when you feel as though you want to set yourself more of a challenge – you don’t need a gym to achieve this!

Here is my gift to you this Christmas, a home workout:

  • 15 minutes run or walk 60 seconds – recovery 15 minutes
  • X 3 rounds
  • 12 squats, 10 lunges, 8 burpees

If you want to increase the volume, run 30 mins out and 30 minutes back, then into 6 rounds of the body weight movements, and don’t forget that all-important stretch at the end.

Let’s talk food!

The best bit I enjoy Christmas dinner my plate is full to the brim, but I don’t slip into overindulging because of one or two days; on the days you are socialising enjoy them and the days you are in routine stay on track.

If you are someone who enjoys a celebratory alcoholic drink over Christmas, you might encounter the odd tipple. Alcohol can reduce the amount of quality sleep we should get which then will decrease our energy and mood.

The key here is balance: eat a good meal before heading out, ensure you stay hydrated, consider the type of alcohol and if it works well with your body, and blow the cobwebs away the next day with a good old fashion walk and some wholesome food with friends.

Michelle Kenny

Michelle Kenny

Zone 10 - Personal Trainer

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