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Strength Training: 7s/21s

This is an advanced method of training that the working muscle group in three different ranges of motion within a single set. Its name from the total number of reps per set you form with this training technique in each set, you do a total of 21 repetitions but as three separate sets of 7 reps.

21s are a popular method used by bodybuilders to shock their muscles into new growth by targeting specific ranges of motion (ROM) for a given movement. It’s a mix of partial and full reps within the same set to fully pump your muscles up.


  • Muscle recruitment is being used maximally throughout the session
  • Increase your strength and endurance
  • Adds variety to your training
  • Can help to burn fat
  • Places enough microtears in the fast-twitch muscle fibres to ensure continued growth which may have faltered after repetitive training
  • It will kick-start muscle growth and hit your body from a new angle
  • It will burn more calories to strip body fat from your muscles, giving you better definition
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